Downtown Tucson

We attended a lighting class in Tucson last month.  This month I’m tagging along on a golf outing (I don’t golf, my gift to my husband).  This trip offered me the opportunity to return to downtown Tucson and experiment with taking photographs under the mid-day sun.

Not the best time to take photographs…just ask any photographer.  The harsh sun bleaches and flattens your subject.  The challenge will be to find ways for the light to work for me and not against me.

As you can see, I also got lots of practice in Lightroom…editing them…turning  the exposure up or down, enhancing the contrast, saturation, highlights, shadows and white balance.  In just a few short months I actually know what those terms mean.  For those of you who are beginning a similar journey, be patient, make mistakes and practice.

One of my other favorite activities is eating.  Tucson has one of the longest running agricultural communities in North America, dated back 4,000 years.  By blending indigenous and local ingredients it is America’s first entry into UNESCO’s designation as a “City of Gastronomy”.    There is an abundance of good food from hole-in-the wall joints to fine dining.

So, with taco and camera in hand, I venture forth.